Electric Distribution Technician II

Date Posted: January 4, 2023
City of Shelby
Shelby, NC
Category: Electrical
Job Type: Full-Time

City of Shelby

Company Description

Job Description

Electric Distribution Technician II

Department: Energy Services
Job Status: Full-Time
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.
Details: Starting salary $27.11 per hour

Job Description

Oversees and participates in the construction, installation, maintenance and repairs of low and high voltage transmission on overhead and underground power transmission and distribution lines and related facilities; climbs poles and installs hardware, fuses transformers and pulls wires; assembles and fastens cross-arm sets on erection poles; strings, splices conductors and fastens insulators on poles; uses hot line equipment and tools; replaces malfunctioning equipment on poles; and installs transformers and other auxiliary equipment. Position requires operation of heavy equipment including a bucket truck, trencher, and all associated rolling stock as well as other equipment in connection with job duties. Cleans, greases, inspects and performance maintenance checks on equipment. Trims trees and associated line operation obstructions.

Hours: Monday – Friday; first shift. Will be required to work outside of normal working hours in stand-by, on-call or other emergency situations.

To Compete in the Selection Process: High school diploma or equivalent with considerable experience in electric lines construction and maintenance including some supervisory experience. Thorough knowledge of the practices, methods, equipment, materials and tools used in the erection and maintenance of electric lines and the hazards encountered; ability to set poles, string wire and perform related work; ability to perform manual labor; ability to follow oral directions; ability to observe safety rules and regulations; strength to perform manual work and physical stamina to withstand working under adverse weather conditions; ability to climb poles; mechanical aptitude; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates. Special requirement: Possession of an appropriate commercial driver’s license valid in the State of North Carolina as well as CPR and First Aid certifications. Completion of Career Development Program Levels I and II with a minimum of 3 years linemen work experience.

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