Tree Trimmer

Date Posted: October 3, 2022
City of Shelby
Shelby, NC
Category: General & Skilled Labor
Job Type: Full-Time, Salary

City of Shelby

Company Description

Job Description

Tree Trimmer

Department: Public Works
Job Status: Full-Time
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.
Details: Starting salary $15.09 per hour

Job Description

Performs work trimming, removing, felling, and pruning trees, shrubs, bushes, brush, and obstructions from electric utility and street rights-of-way. Responsibilities include: removes dead, broken, misshapen, and undesired branches and tops trees using a variety of tools; lowers removed limbs to the ground with ropes; trims and digs out protruding tree roots; performs other necessary trimming to eliminate hazards and to preserve the beauty of trees on streets and other public property; operates chipper, stump grinder, and aerial bucket; uses tools of the trade including axes, band saws, block and tackle, ladders, log splitters, power chainsaws, ropes, and shovels; ensures tools are properly maintained, sharp, and in good working order; performs minor repairs; climbs trees using various hooks, ropes, and ladders.

Hours: Monday-Thursday; first shift. Will be required to work outside of normal working hours in standby, on-call or emergency situations.

To Compete in the Selection Process: High school diploma or equivalent with general knowledge of; tree trimming methods; tree surgery techniques; common insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers; hazards and safety precautions of the work; skill in the use and care of ropes, climber hooks, riggings, saws, wood chipper, and tools commonly used in tree trimming and felling operations; mechanical aptitude; ability to operate a truck with a hydraulic boom; ability to climb trees and to work effectively in dangerous positions at considerable heights above the ground; and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates and the general public. Special Requirements: Qualified applicant must possess a valid NC commercial driver’s license or the ability to obtain within six months of employment.

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