Director of Energy Services

Date Posted: January 4, 2023
City of Shelby
Shelby, NC
Category: Electrical
Job Type: Full-Time

City of Shelby

Company Description

Job Description

Director of Energy Services

Department: Energy Services
Job Status: Full-Time
Days Worked: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri.
Details: Starting salary $87,468 annually

Job Description

The Director performs complex administrative work planning, organizing, and directing the installation, operation, maintenance, repair, and expansion of electric and natural gas distribution systems, serving as liaison to outside agencies, coordinating projects, and related work as apparent or assigned. Work involves setting policies and goals under the direction of the Assistant City Manager. Other responsibilities include: Plans, directs, coordinate, supervises, and evaluates the operations, maintenance, services and staff of the department; oversees the planning, design, construction, inspection and growth of the electric and gas utility systems. Recruit and select department personnel; Assign, direct, train, and inspect the work of staff; Serve as intergovernmental coordinator between electric and gas utility interests and local, State, and Federal agencies; Coordinate major projects such as facilities development and equipment purchases; Evaluate bid proposals; Reviews and provides technical expertise on department activities, effective practices, and methods of electric and natural gas system operations; Coordinates and prepares system operation plans; Develops and manages programs to ensure compliance, safety, reduce costs and improve services; Develop and administer department operating and capital improvements budgets; Approve work orders, purchase requisitions, memos, letters, time sheets, electric purchases, natural gas purchases, and other documents; Review and develop electric and natural gas rates and makes recommendation to the Assistant City Manager; Gather information for large industrial customers to ensure their needs are met; Secure and direct the services of professional consultants as required; Engage in personal contact with citizens concerning service requests and complaints; Meet with large industrial customers to discuss electric and gas needs; and other related duties.

Hours – Monday – Friday; first shift.

To Compete in the Selection Process: Qualified applicants must possess an Bachelor’s degree with coursework in business administration, engineering, or related field and extensive experience in an electric and/or gas utility, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have a comprehensive knowledge of: electric and gas utility organization and operation; the materials, methods, practices, and equipment used in the operation, maintenance, and repair of electrical and gas distribution systems. Must possess the ability to: plan, assign, and coordinate the work of the department; prepare clear and comprehensive studies and reports; communicate effectively; and establish and maintain effective working relationships

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